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Roger and Diana Ringo
Sea of Tranquility - Fall Program Tour

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Welcome to Modern Spiritual Living.
Your guide to effective Meditation, Angels, and Life Purpose

Roger and Diana are presenting programs and sharing their insights into meditatiaon and how to experience it's wonderful benefits. It will be an opportunity to learn from their 30+ years of experience in making spirituality practical in daily living. Join them at a program near you and discover intriguing insights into Meditation, Angels, and Life Purpose.

You will learn a contemporary, modern understanding that is practical and relevant to your relationships, career choices, and friends. Attend a program near you and start living the spiritual life you want. These are programs you will not want to miss.

Watch our Relaxation Video Here and rediscover your passion for living. Reduce any discouragement in your life.

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Your Angels want you to enjoy life and find answers. Learn how to ask your Inner Guidance questions and be able to effectively listen to the reply. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to experience an Angel Encounter Session.

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What people are saying

"The greatest iniquity of life, is that we have been mis-informed as to our true nature and not taught how to live our True Life Purpose. There are answers, but it requires the courage to trust our Inner Feelings that may not be logical." Roger Ringo, Educator & Consultant
"Roger does a very nice job at explaining spirituality that anyone can understand." R. Martinek, Healthy Living Expo - Minneapolis, MN
"I just wanted to thank Diana Ringo for the counseling profile she did for me today. Already unbelievable results! The negative and oppressive energy is something that I have been dealing with for years until today when I have felt a shift. This will no longer be a issue for me. I was shown where and how this was able to affect me and truly believe I will be free from this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. " Sheila, IA